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Heat Preservation KN95 Medical Mask Making Machine Energy Saving

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Heat Preservation KN95 Medical Mask Making Machine Energy Saving 0

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Various masks, the most commonly used KN95 masks, N means "non-oil-resistant", 95 means "exposed to a specified number of special test particles, the particle concentration in the mask is 95% lower than the particle concentration outside the mask.


KN95 is a national standard, which requires that the filtering efficiency of non-oily particulate matter above 0.075 microns for masks is greater than 95%. To a certain extent, it can prevent the mask from being wet by exhalation and prolong the service life.


Medical masks are divided into medical protective masks and medical surgical masks. Medical protective masks generally comply with the N95 standard and have a very strong filtering ability, while medical surgical masks only provide some basic protection and the filtering ability is relatively weak, about 70%.


Ordinary masks usually only play some heat preservation and moisturizing functions, and their filtering ability is very weak, but they can resist some droplets and reduce the possibility of infection to a certain extent.


At present, it is basically determined that the new coronavirus can be transmitted through droplets, and all the above masks can actually protect the droplets, because the droplets are mouth droplets flying in the air, and their particle size Much larger than dust, the function of the mask is mainly blocking rather than filtering. Of course, the surface layer of the mask must not use hydrophilic fibers such as cotton fibers, rayon and other materials to prevent droplets from being blocked by the surface layer due to the hydrophilicity of the fibers.



Therefore, if you use a mask with poor filtering ability, it must be replaced frequently. If communication with people is frequent, especially in a hospital environment, it is recommended to replace it every 2 hours, and it can be extended at other times. Ordinary masks can be replaced every 4 hours. The N95 mask can be changed once every 1-2 days.

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