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Hooking Cap Stainless Steel Piston Filling Machine 1000-5000bottles/Hour

Basic Information
Place of Origin: GUANGZHOU ,CHINA
Brand Name: CZ
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: wooden standard packing
Delivery Time: 7-30 work days.
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P
Certification: Trade Certification Type: Filling Machine
Driven Type: Electric Weight: 3500kg
Marketing Type: New Product 2020 Filling Accuracy: Pace On Liquid
Machinery Capacity: 4000BPH, 6000BPH Dimension(L*W*H): 2400mm 1700mm 2300mm
High Light:

Hooking Cap piston filling machine


Stainless Steel piston filling machine


5000bottles/Hour piston filling machine


Hooking Cap Piston Filling Machine Stainless Steel 1000 ~ 5000 Bottles / Hour
Features of automatic heat shrink film sleeve labeling machine:
304 stainless steel main frame: waterproof and rust-proof, stable structure;
Free replacement and debugging tool holder, rotary cutting cutter head: long life, convenient and fast tool change, smooth and beautiful cut surface;
Stand-alone synchronously driven six-point positioning center guide column: stable, accurate and smooth label guide;
Tail-shaped label controls the electric eye frame: the position of the sub-label is convenient to adjust, and the film material cutting accuracy is higher;
Synchronous bottle separator: The bottle is conveyed smoothly and evenly, ensuring efficient and stable work for a long time;
Stand-alone synchronous drive brushing: precise target shooting, no bias, no flying target;
Bottle detection, label control electric eye: imported high-precision photoelectric sensors, accurate label segmentation, no blocking, and no leakage;
Fully automatic heat shrikable film sleeve labeling machine can be equipped with independent feeders and freely positioned feeders;
Technical parameters of automatic heat shrink film sleeve labeling machine:
Input power: 2KW;
Input voltage: 220VAC;
Production efficiency: 50-150 bottles / min;
Applicable bottle diameter: Φ28mm-Φ125mm;
Applicable label length: 30mm-250mm;
Applicable label thickness: 0.03mm-0.13mm.
Servo piston filling machine:
1. Number of filling heads: 2~20 nozzles
2. Filling capacity: customers provide samples
3. Filling form: piston quantitative multi-head filling
4. Filling speed: about 1000-5000 bottles/hour
5. Filling accuracy: ±1%
6. Material: The filling machine structure is made of stainless steel
7. Program control: PLC + touch screen
8. Filling nozzles and feed troughs, etc. Materials in contact with liquid parts: 304# stainless steel, food grade PVC and POM
9. Air pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa
10. Conveyor belt: 82mm wide POM chain belt, speed 0-15m/min, height above ground 800mm±25mm (according to customer requirements)
11. Conveying motor: 370W frequency conversion motor
12. Power: about 3KW/380V three-phase
13. Protection device: alarm when the storage tank is short of liquid.
Capping machine
Technical Parameters:
1 arrange cap way: ladder lift mechanism arrange cap (different specifications need to be changed parts)
2. Suitable bottle specifications: according to customer's sample
3. down cap form: hooking cap and downing cap automatically.
4. Capping type: electric gland or pneumatic gland press cap.
5. Speed: about 1000 ~ 5000 bottles / hour.
6. Program control: frequency converter control speed.
7. Machine power: about 1KW
8. Pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa
Automatic heat shrink film sleeve labeling machine
Application range of automatic heat shrink film sleeve labeling machine:
Industries: fruit juice, tea drinks, dairy products, mineral water, purified water, sports drinks, condiments, sugar and wine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, washing supplies and other food and beverage industries and daily necessities industries;
Bottle type: round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, curved bottle, special-shaped bottle, cup, bucket, pot, etc.
1. Adopt Air conveyor and bottle feeding wheel connection technology, canceled bottle inlet screw and conveyor chains, simple and easy to change for different bottle size. when bottle through the wind tunnels steels starry wheel directly to the washing part.
2. Machine parts that connect with liquid are made of high-quality stainless steel, easy to clean
3. With high precision, high speed and quantitative filling valve, the liquid level accurate ensure Filling Quality.
4. The capping head adopts constant torque device to ensure the sealing quality.
5. Adopt efficient cap Feeding system, with perfect cap feeding technology and protection device.
6. Transform the bottle shape without adjusting the height of the device, only replace the dial starwheel. The operation is simple and convenient.
7. Adopt bottleneck technology, avoid secondary pollution
8. The control system has the function of automatic level control lack-cap Eexamination, Flush-bottle stop itself and the output counts and so

on the function
1. The bottle washing system adopts high-efficiency cleaning spray nozzle spray technology, can be cleaned every place
2. The main electrical components, electronic control valves are imported, to ensure the whole machine Running Quality.
3. The whole operation adopts advanced touch screen control.

Hooking Cap Stainless Steel Piston Filling Machine 1000-5000bottles/Hour 0

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