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Soda Can Sealer Glass Plastic Filling And Sealing Machine Water Bottle Auto Small Carton Box Packing Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Tengzhuo
Certification: CE Own patent
Model Number: WCP004
Minimum Order Quantity: One set
Packaging Details: film pack with wooden case
Delivery Time: 30-40 working day
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10 pcs per month
Automatic Grade: Fully Automatic Number Of Sealed Cans: 1
Can Sealing Speed: 35-65 Cans/minute Operation: Easy Operation
Packaging Type: Film+wooden Carton Can Sealing Height: 40-250 Mm Adjustable
Raw Material: 304SS/316SS Applicable Bottle Diameter: 35-100mm (8 Stations)
Service Time: 12 Months Warranty Total Power: 1.7KW

Automatic sealing machine


This product is mainly suitable for sealing and packaging of round bottles of various PET plastic, iron, aluminum and paper cans.

The product has advanced design, reasonable structure and simple operation. It is an ideal choice for food, medicine, tea and chemical industries.

Essential ideal packaging equipment;

Soda Can Sealer Glass Plastic  Filling And Sealing Machine Water Bottle Auto Small Carton Box Packing Machine 0


1. Independently developed the tool holder structure, the first in China with a stable production capacity of 60-65 cans/minute,

saving labor costs, and is suitable as equipment for the can sealing production line.

2. It uses a servo motor to drive the turntable, which has the characteristics of simple structure, stable operation and low noise;

3. One-button startup, the turntable automatically resets after startup to ensure normal production operation;

4. Can-stuck shutdown alarm function: effectively avoids damage to the mechanical structure caused by can-stuck;

5. One-click reset function of the turntable: After the can jam problem is eliminated, it can be reset with one button, which is convenient and fast;

6. Patented invention for one-click setting of turntable alignment: When changing the mold turntable, rotate the turntable to make it suitable for the can sealing position, and the setting can be automatically remembered with one click. It is smart and efficient and avoids the manual tightening and fine-tuning of screws after changing the mold. Cumbersome steps.

7. The sealing wheel adopts four-pass sealing. The sealing wheel is made of 440C stainless steel, which is vacuum quenched and tempered. It has extremely high hardness, is durable and does not rust.

8. The hob and pressure head are made of 440C stainless steel, which is not easy to rust and has a hardness of more than 55 degrees. It is more durable than traditional chromium 12 material and has a service life of more than 6 million cans;

9. The tank body is designed not to rotate during the sealing process, the processing precision is high, and the sealing quality is superior to similar domestic products.

10. It is suitable for sealing round cans made of various materials, including tinplate cans, aluminum cans, paper cans and other round cans.

The operation is simple and easy to learn. It is an ideal packaging equipment for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

11. Changing the caliber requires replacing the mold: pressure head, drop cover plate, turntable, and guardrail.

The replacement time is about 15 minutes;

12. To change the can sealing height, there is no need to replace accessories.

It adopts the manual rotating tray screw design and the adjustment time is about 5 minutes (if the height difference of the can is greater than 20mm, the support rod needs to be replaced);

13. The defective rate is extremely low, with iron cans less than one ten thousandth, plastic cans less than one thousandth, and paper cans less than two thousandths;

Soda Can Sealer Glass Plastic  Filling And Sealing Machine Water Bottle Auto Small Carton Box Packing Machine 1


Main parameters:

1. Number of sealed cans: 1

2. Number of capping hobs: 4 (2 head knives, 2 second knives)

3. Roller material: 440C + heat treatment

4. Body material: stainless steel

5. Control module: PLC servo control (standard human-machine interface)

6. Can sealing speed: 35-65 cans/minute

7. Can sealing height: 40-250mm adjustable

8. Applicable bottle diameter: 35-100mm (8 stations)

9. Working temperature: 0~45℃, working humidity: 35~85%

10. Working power supply: AC220V 50/60Hz

11.Total power: 1.7KW

12. Weight: 300KG (approx.)

13. Overall dimensions: 1800mm*900mm*1450mm (L*W*H)

14. Packing size: 1510mm*1010mm*1560mm (L*W*H)

15. Air source pressure: 0.6MPa, flow rate 0.15 cubic meters/minute

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