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Aluminum Foil Cup Sealing Machine Tube Sealing Machine Maize Milling Machine Flour And Packing

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Tengzhuo
Certification: CE Own patent
Model Number: WCP009
Minimum Order Quantity: One set
Packaging Details: film pack with wooden case
Delivery Time: 30-40 working day
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10 pcs per month
Automatic Grade: Can Sealing Machine Number Of Sealed Cans: 1
Can Sealing Speed: 10-20 Cans/minute Weight: 72 Kg
Packaging Type: Film+wooden Carton Can Sealing Height: 40-250 Mm Adjustable
Raw Material: 304SS/316SS Service Time: 12 Months Warranty
Total Power: 1.7KW

The plastic box sealing machine is suitable for sealing paper cups, plastic cups, cartons, plastic boxes, bowls and other materials.

It is easy to operate, the packaging effect is ideal, and the all-stainless steel appearance design is clean and hygienic.

The sealing rate, trimming quality, Food hygiene, electrical control and other aspects are better.

The heat sealing uses pneumatic spring structure and floating self-balancing technology.

Aluminum Foil Cup Sealing Machine Tube Sealing Machine Maize Milling Machine Flour And Packing 0

Cup filling and sealing machines are common packaging equipment in the food, beverage and cosmetics industries.

They have many advantages and bring many conveniences and advantages to production companies. Here are some of the key benefits of cup filling and sealing machines:

Efficient production

The cup filling and sealing machine can achieve efficient automated production, improve packaging efficiency and save labor costs.

It can complete filling and sealing work quickly and accurately, and can adapt to cup products of different specifications and capacities.

Stable packaging quality

This packaging machine is equipped with a precise metering and control system to ensure an accurate and consistent amount of product in each cup.

At the same time, it can also provide reliable sealing effect to prevent food leakage or contamination, maintaining the freshness and quality of products.

Flexible adaptability

Cup filling and sealing machines usually have flexible operating interfaces and adjustable parameters, which can adapt to different types and specifications of cup products. Through simple settings, packaging forms and cup sizes can be quickly switched to meet different product and market needs.

Save space

Compared with traditional manual packaging, cup filling and sealing machines take up less space.

It is a compact machine that can be easily installed on the production line and does not take up much space.

​Easy to maintain and clean

This packaging machine is usually made of food-grade and easy-to-clean materials. Their design makes maintenance and cleaning simple, reducing downtime and maintaining equipment hygiene.

Data tracing and management

Some modern cup filling and sealing machines are equipped with data traceability and management systems,

which can record and manage important production information, such as production date, batch number, etc.

This provides convenience for quality control and traceability of enterprises.

Health and safety

The cup filling and sealing machine is designed to comply with the hygiene standards and safety requirements of the food industry.

The materials they use are safe for contact with food, and the risk of cross-contamination is controlled to ensure the hygienic safety of the product.

Aluminum Foil Cup Sealing Machine Tube Sealing Machine Maize Milling Machine Flour And Packing 1





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